23 Ago 2021
Lydia Church at Tokyo 2020

At Cannon, we are always impressed by remarkable achievements. And being a protagonist of the world’s most important sports contest is undoubtedly one of them.

Today, together with Robert Lornie, Shelley’s Office Manager and member of the Cannon family since 1989, we announce his daughter’s participation in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games with great pride. Already silver medal at the last European Championship, Lydia Church will represent the UK in Tokyo in Athletics, shot put.

Lydia started competing in 2018, and her efforts were crowned with success by winning the silver medal in her category in 2021. Dedication, focus, and a goal-oriented mindset are her key strengths. “All I was thinking on that last throw was ‘let’s go for it, let’s smash it. And that’s what happened—Lydia said at the end of the European competition—I felt confident, focused, and totally on it. I knew I master the technique to win, and I’m pleased I managed to play a consistent series that led to a medal.”

Like all the athletes that compete in the most significant contests, Lydia knows the meaning of sacrifice, fatigue, determination, dedication. It’s all about focus, self-confidence, willpower, and a never-give-up state of mind. Impressive achievements result from a combination of various factors—technique, for sure, but also a positive attitude and the ability to stand up every time.

The entire Cannon Group wishes this outstanding athlete the best of luck and, most of all, great fun in Japan!