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22 Mar 2019

Bruno Fierro shared the Cannon experience in China during the Italy-China Business Forum on Third Market Cooperation

Today Bruno Fierro, representing the Cannon Group, took part in the Italy-China Business Forum on Third Market Cooperation, the event organized in Rome by Confindustria in occasion of the Chinese President visit.

During the meeting, Fierro has presented the Cannon experience in China, where the Group is present since 1980 with three commercial office and a production plant, with more than 150 people involved.

Here, Cannon operates in different sectors, supplying machines and plant for the polyurethane and other reactive polymers processing, and industrial boilers.

The Chinese companies presents to the event have been well impressed by the Cannon collaboration with the Haier Group, which produce the 80% of its refrigerators with Cannon plants, and by the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), signed by Cannon and the Xi’an municipality (located in the centre of China) at the end of 2018, for the construction of a high efficiency district heating plant. This project will be realized in 2020 with Cannon Bono Energia low emissions diatermic oil heaters.