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On April 12th and 13th, 35 new recruits spent two days together to know the philosophy, the companies and the activities that animate the Cannon Group.

On April 12th and 13th, new employees participated at “Alla scoperta del Mondo Cannon” (“Discovering Cannon World”), held in Caronno Pertusella and Peschiera Borromeo: an opportunity to become more familiar with the new work environment, know more about the various Cannon companies and meet other colleagues.

Through presentations, guided visits to the workshops, team building and networking sessions, the participants saw more closely the work of all the Cannon companies, and interacted with each other, exchanging opinions and experiences.

Furthermore, the Team Building sessions were an effective way to better understand how important it is to work together with a common goal; a significant lesson to learn if you work in a motley group such as Cannon: engaged on several markets with different products, Cannon has been able to impose itself in many sectors thanks to the synergistic work of the companies that compose it.

In closing the event, a hearty speech by Marco Volpato, Cannon President, on the present and future of the Cannon Project.