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With deep emotion, we announce the passing of Eng. Carlo Fiorentini on Thursday, March 3, 2022, at the age of 91.

Carlo was born in Bologna in 1930 and graduated with a degree in industrial engineering chemistry at the prestigious university of his city. After gaining significant professional experience at Rhodiatoce and Grace, he was called in 1963 by engineer Leonardo Volpato to direct the newly founded Afros company in Caronno Pertusella.

His knowledge of polymer chemistry was put at the disposal of the novel polyurethane industry. He soon identified new methods for mixing the formulations that the chemical industry was increasingly developing for the most diverse applications, including domestic refrigerators. After patenting a mixing head for compact and glass fiber reinforced polyurethanes, in 1979 Carlo Fiorentini designed the FPL, an innovative head suitable for pouring in open mold with laminar flow, thus eliminating foam spraying and paving the way for the automation of that process.

Carlo Fiorentini Cannon

This revolutionary device was followed by dozens of other patents, including the development of CarDio™, the technology for expanding continuously cast flexible foams using liquid carbon dioxide instead of environmentally harmful blowing agents. For introducing so many innovative solutions to the worldwide polyurethanes industry, Carlo Fiorentini—after receiving the gold medal of the FSK (the German association of foam manufacturers)—was inducted into the prestigious “Hall of Fame of Polyurethanes” by the American API (Alliance for Polyurethanes Industry) in 2000, along with other pioneers of this sector.

His contributions were not only to technology and continuous innovation. Carlo Fiorentini was strongly committed to the development of the company from a commercial point of view. Through his tenacity, new opportunities opened up abroad, starting with the first agency in Denmark in 1969, and continuing to strengthen the business with the first manufacturing site in the United States in 1977. The first branch of a European company operating in polyurethanes sector opened in Japan in 1982.

President of the Cannon Group for decades, his innovative spirit and constant search for new solutions have inspired the Group’s Research & Development activities, which will continue with the same passion and determination.

Carlo Fiorentini Hall of Fame Cannon