Innovation is a predominant characteristic which has always been part of Cannon's DNA: the first dosing unit for polyurethanes was born from the clever intuition of modifying an equipment used for other functions.

Since the beginning of the 70’s, the importance of positioning Cannon on the market as an innovative company has been well perceived, to ensure stable success at the time being and in the future.
In 1974 the first laboratory dedicated to the development of polyurethane’s technologies was created; the personnel employed for this unit were fully dedicated to research and development.
Today all the Cannon Manufacturing Centers have structure and people dedicated to research and development activities.
Cannon is fully committed to preserve nature reducing the ecological foot print of technologies and industrial processes proposed to market through the development of the following main pillars:

  • energy efficiency,
  • resource consumption reduction
  • emissions reduction

Cannon collaborates with other industrial partners and universities to run innovative projects supported by the European Commission, in the framework of the environment and climate protection actions.

5% of the annual turn over is the amount that Cannon invest in R&D every year, distributed on different business lines involving more than 50 people in the world.