A growing environmental problem —created by the effect of human activities on the quality of our atmosphere —and the increasing scarcity of non-renewable resources are heavily modifying our habits. Energy efficiency, optimisation of natural resources and reduction of carbon emissions have become mantras for any type of industry.

The Cannon group feel deeply and daily committed in being part of the solutions, rather than contributing to compound these problems.

For more than 50 years the Plastics Business Unit has preached and put in action the concepts of weight reduction, smart design of parts, and more economic production methods. These have been perceived as the easiest solution of a widespread environmental problem and are today applied successfully on a global scale.

Fossil fuel saving, use of renewable resources, more efficient methods of combustion have kept the energy companies well awake and busy in the past 50+ years, providing valuable solutions to numerous industries and communities. Thanks to this vision and to the availability of effective technologies the Energy and Water Treatment Business Units of Cannon play today a fundamental role for the success of the Group.

Efficiency and environmental consciousness are the driving forces behind any recent success of the group. These bold actions are made possible by an intense R&D activity, which generates more efficient boilers and efficient water degassing, for example.

Playing by themselves in such a wide playground would not have generated the positive results that Cannon obtained in the past decades in the environment-related business. Other entities (industry members, authorities, associations) must cooperate on international and institutional levels to achieve true, measurable results: the group actively participates in international Energy forums to promote energy-efficient technologies and renewable resources.

Nowadays efforts are directed towards the so-called circular economy. A current of systemic thinking in which the work of the Cannon group fits naturally.