Produced since 1994 to present the evolution of plastics technologies across the centuries, the Cannon Poster Calendar was hand-painted by Stefano “nitti” Risso, a retired Area Sales Manager of Cannon.

With a degree “cum laude” in Mechanical Engineering, Nitti has always cultivated a deep passion for the design and other visual arts. A skilled photographes and painter, he produced the postars in a one-to-one dimension, drawing first a general layout by pencil, then replacing it with the final design in China ink and finishing it using waterclours.

The whole process usually took four months of intenste daily work. His very detailed drawings are full of people, portrayed in the most humorous situations. His deep knowledge of mechanics generated innovative technical solutions to process Polyurethanes, Composites and Thermoformed parts since Pre-history.

Unfortunately, Nitti left us on December 28, 2014, at the age of 80. In spite of the illness that hit him twelve months before, he was able to finish his last poster, the 2015 Calendar, with great dedication and humor. We will miss him deeply.